Borigu Malik


Name : Borigu Malik
Gender : Male
Nationality : Ghanaian
Degree : MSc. 
Course : Climate change and Society
Host University : Mekelle
University of Origin : ---
Start Date : August 2015
End Date : August 2017
Study Status : Completed
Research Title : ---
No. Of Publications : ---
Mobile Number :  
Current Occupation if study Completed : ---
Telephone/Mobile :  ---
Email  : ---


The scholarship award was a gift of opportunity to further my education, so as to better serve my country. Against the background of high cost of postgraduate education, this offer considerably lightened the financial burden of educating myself. I am grateful to have been considered; and promise to transfer the knowledge acquired.


I have enriched my understanding of the subject of environmental management and policy; applied climate science; and climate affairs. I have also benefited enormously from my interactions with all the people I have come across in my stay in Mekelle, Ethiopia, through cross-cultural exchanges.


In the coming year, it is my hope to return to my employers: the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana, to continue my service to God and country. I expect to be re-assigned to a senior portfolio, where my expertise would be more useful.

In the near future, it is my desire to pursue a PhD in natural resource management; or climate change related subjects.


What more can I say but to thank the donors for the opportunities to study for my MSc degree; and to meet fellow Africans, thereby easing the long walk to a united Africa in the near future. I urge the sponsors to continue with the good work they are engaged in.