MPhil Crop Science

Duration (in semesters): 4 semesters, including a short internship where possible during the second semester break of Year One (Seminar 1)

Credits (per semester): Year One = 12 to 18 credits per semester for course work plus Seminar 1 (3 credits)
Year Two = 30 credits for MPhil Thesis and 3 credits for Seminar 2
Total Credits = 60 to 72

To train and equip highly motivated students, who possess leadership and innovative extension delivery attributes, with the requisite knowledge and skills in crop science so that upon graduation they can become employable in universities, research institutions, relevant government agencies, industries and the private sector and ultimately capable of making significant contributions to national efforts in crop production and food security.

Structure and content:

MPhil in Crop Science Programme
The department offers MPhil in Crop Science programmes in the following areas of specialization:

Genetics & Plant Breeding
Crop Protection
Plant Pathology

A good first degree in Agriculture, Zoology, Biology or related field and must have taken a basic course in Entomology in their undergraduate programme (for those interested in pursuing graduate course in Entomology).


Core Courses
CROP 601 Advanced Agronomy
CROP 602 Plant Nutrition
CROP 603 Environmental Plant Physiology
CROP 604 Plant Growth And Development

CROP 650 Seminar 1
CROP 691 Research Methods
CROP 692 Biometry


Core Courses
CROP 611 Quantitative Genetics
CROP 612 Crop Improvement
CROP 613 Molecular Genetics
CROP 650 Seminar 1
CROP 691 Research Methods
CROP 692 Biometry


Core Courses
ENTO 602 Agricultural Pests
ENTO 604 Insecticide Science
ENTO 612 Insect Pests and Vector Management
CROP 621 Vertebrate Pests
CROP 623 Advanced Weed Science
CROP 631 Plant Pathogens
CROP 632 Advanced Plant Pathology
CROP 650 Seminar 1
CROP 691 Research Methods
CROP 692 Biometry


Core Courses
CROP 632 Advanced Plant Pathology
CROP 633 Plant Mycology and Fungal Diseases
CROP 634 Plant Disease Control
CROP 650 Seminar 1
CROP 691 Research Methods
CROP 692 Biometry


Elective courses may be selected in consultation with the Advisory Committee and the Head of Department. These may include courses taught in other Departments not listed here. (NB. Not all-elective courses may be available in any year).

CROP 614 Population Genetics & Evolution
CROP 615 Plant Tissue Culture
CROP 616 Principles of Gene Manipulation
CROP 622 Weed Ecology
CROP 630 Molecular Plant Pathology
CROP 635 Seed Pathology
CROP 636 Plant Bacteriology and Bacterial Diseases
CROP 637 Plant Virology and Viral Diseases
CROP 638 Plant Nematology and Nematode Diseases
CROP 641 Olericulture
CROP 642 Advanced Pomology
CROP 644 Postharvest Physiology
CROP 651 Application of Plant Science to Agroforestry
CROP 652 Plants in Agroforestry
CROP 653 Agroforestry Systems and Practices
ENTO 608 Stored Products Entomology


CROP 600 Thesis
CROP 660 Seminar II


The entomology courses are offered under the Insect Science Programme, an international inter-faculty programme between the College of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences and Faculty of Science with Crop Science and Animal Biology and Conservative Science as the collaborating Departments.

Core Courses Credits
ENTO 601 Systematics 3
ENTO 603 Functional Morphology of Insects 3
ENTO 604 Insecticide Science 3
ENTO 605 Insect Physiology and Biochemistry 3
ENTO 607 Insect Ecology 3
ENTO 609 Research Methods and Project Management 3
ENTO 610 Seminar I 3
ENTO 612 Integrated Pest and Vector Management 3
CROP 629 Biometry/ Statistics for biologists 3

Core Courses Credits
BIOT 601 Biotechnology Concepts 3
BIOT 602 Bioinformatics 3
ENTO 602 Agricultural Pests 3
ENTO 606* Disease Vectors of Medical and Veterinary Importance 3
ENTO 608* Stored Products Entomology 3
ENTO 616 Forest Entomology 3
ENTO 618 Urban Entomology 3
ENTO 622 Applied Insect Taxonomy 3
ENTO 624 Pesticide Application Technology 3
CROP 693 Agricultural Production Syst. & Sustainable Rural Livelihoods 3
ENTO 620 Seminar II 3

* ENTO 606 cannot be combined with ENTO 608

ENTO 600 Thesis 30

Recognition and accreditation obtained:

The MPhil Crop Science Programme has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana and has been running for many years.

This programme has been accredited and registered with SAQA.