PhD Programme in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology

Duration (in semesters): Six

Credits (per semester): 6


The regional plant breeding and biotechnology programme hosted at Makerere University and implemented by a regional consortium of 30 African Universities operating in 17 African countries is designed to provide an internationally competitive and market relevant PhD training in Africa. It maintains responsiveness and impact of the interventions which is aimed at developing and strengthening the human resource and research capacity for Crop improvement and related development areas in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The programme specific objectives, include among others, to (a) give graduates an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in plant breeding and biotechnology that will permit them to efficiently engage in science-led agricultural development; (b) produce high calibre scientist who will lead training, manage and innovate the Research for Development agenda, and (c) strategically invest in the building of a strong national-regional-global consortium to rationalize regional resources for agricultural innovations within Africa.

Structure and content:
Admission of students: Candidates must satisfy all minimum requirements for admission into a PhD programme in Makerere University including holding a relevant MSc Degree in plant sciences.
Type of the programme: The PhD (Plant Breeding and Biotechnology) is constituted by course work and research leading to writing a thesis and accommodates both full-time and part-time students. The minimum duration is 36 months and the maximum is 7 years.

PhD qualification examinations: All students are required to sit and pass an oral and written PhD candidature exam to be considered PhD students.
Guidance:A doctoral committee is established for each candidate to set acceptable standards for the doctoral programme, and serve as the students advisory and performance assessment committee. The committee undertakes to monitor the student's progress throughout the study period on behalf of the University Higher Degrees and Research Committee.

Language of Instruction:English
Accredited by: Uganda National Council for Higher Education (UNCHE)