MSc in Forest Management and Environment

Structure and content:
This is an inter-departmental programme. The curriculum is determined by heads of department in the Biological Sciences. Additional modules may be prescribed by the Head of Department where deemed necessary.

Admission requirements
Candidates must have either three-year BSc and BSc (Hons), or a four-year degree qualification in agricultural, forestry, or biological sciences with a pass mark of more than 60%. Admission is subject to the approval of the Forestry Chair in consultation with the Director of the Centre for Environmental Studies.

Core modules (80 credits)
ENV 810 Environmental paradigms 810
ENV 812 Environmental analysis, assessment and modelling 812
ENV 816 Environmental law 816
FOR 831 General introduction to forestry

Specialisation modules (20 - 60 credits)

Choose at least one module from the following:
LEK 831 Forest resource economics and policy
FOR 832 Forest resource use planning and management

FOR 833 Forest engineering
FOR 834 Wood science and forest products
ENV 833 Trees in a multifunctional landscape
FOR 835 Forest ecology and management
FOR 836 Silviculture

Language of Instruction:English
Accredited by: Council on Higher Education (South Africa)