MSc in Dryland Agronomy

Duration (in semesters): 4

Credits (per semester):10 to 30


The MSc Dryland Agronomy is designed to address the following objectives:
Engage in teaching, research and community outreach activities in the field of dry land agronomy at various levels (private sectors, government institutions, NGOs, etc),
Devise experimental methods appropriate for tackling a particular problem,
To strength the research and management capacity of public and private sectors involved in crop production and promoting sustainable crop improvement.

Structure and content:

Courses offered in MSc in Dryland Agronomy

1-Dry land farming and watershed management
2-Soil fertility management
3-Sustainable agriculture in different agro-ecosystem
4- Advanced agro-climatology
5- Irrigation agronomy
6- Advanced crop physiology
7- Advanced plant breeding
8- Applied statistics and Biometry
9- Advance research methods and scientific writing
10- Crop modelling, Simulation and GIS
11- Integrated pest management
12- Post harvest pest management
13- Graduate Seminar I(Thesis Lit. review presentation)