Mobilities of staff

- Two staff mobilities have been successfully completed. Mr.Kwilimbe James from Mzuzu University - said that he had an opportunity to interact with experienced administrators and academicians at Makerere University which was a great way to add to his continuing professional advancement. The mobility provided a platform for him to learn the most recent innovations, trends, concerns and practical challenges and solutions in higher education administration. He appreciated the general organization, coordination and courtesy in the College of Agriculture Registrar’s office at Makerere University. Among the issues that impressed him included, punctuality and visibility of the officers, the willingness to assist students, follow up of issues and realistic timelines for feedback, accuracy of information and speed at which such information was sourced and provided, trouble shooting and problem solving.

- Mr. Sane Senyi from Dakar University also successfully completed his mobility at Abomey Calavi University. Sane Senyi said that his internship was very important because it allowed him to improve his knowledge in the domains of statistical methods’’.

- Mr.Senon Victorin of Abomey Calavi University will soon be going to Dakar University to undertake his mobility for 3 months.

- The coordinator in University of Pretoria is Ms Lubala Ncuthukazi 

- The coordinator in Free State is Ms Sally