Master of Science in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems

Duration (in semesters): Four (4)

Credits (per semester):Fifteen (15) credit units

The goal of this programme is to pilot a new training programme in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems to produce quality mid career level scientists to lead efforts to increase crop productivity so as to reduce hunger and poverty in Africa. It is open to students from all over the world. The specific objectives of the programme are:

  • To give graduates an opportunity to broaden their knowledge in plant breeding and seed systems.
  • To link plant breeding efforts to seed systems so as to enhance farmer access to improved seed and develop entrepreneurial capacity for managing a seed industry.
  • To promote professional development of graduates in agriculture by providing the students with an understanding and hands-on experience of the different disciplines within the realm of plant breeding, biotechnology and seed industry.
  • To develop agri-business skills and other social skills among the graduates.

Structure and content:
The degree of Master of Science in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems shall be awarded to a candidate who satisfies two conditions (a) An accumulated minimum of 30 courses credit units and (b) A successful defence of a thesis. Eight of the course are core courses (
Totalling 20 Credit Units) and are compulsory. Four additionally courses are chosen from the list of elective courses depending on the candidate’s field of research interest (Totalling 10 Credit Units). Courses considered relevant and beneficial to the candidate may be selected outside the Department as electives.

All course work with the exception of Graduate Seminar and Research Implementation Skills must be completed during the first two semesters. Year 2 is reserved for research and thesis writing. All Students will be required to attend School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences scientific activities. The courses and their sequencing is to enable the students acquire and apply the technical skills and be able to operate a plant breeding and seed value chain. Thus they learn both technical and social skills. The structure of the programme is indicated.

Language of Instruction:English
Accredited by: Uganda National Council for Higher Education (UNCHE)