MA. Gender Studies

Duration (in semesters): 4

Credits (per semester): Ist Semester 13, 2nd Semester 15 first year ; second year 20 (two semesters)

Broad Objective 
The overall objective of the programme is to develop and instil gender theories and practice to enable students to confront both known and new challenges to development.

Specific Objectives 
To ground students in theoretical perspectives of women and gender studies.
To equip students with key skills for conducting research to enhance knowledge in the field of gender.
To provide students with practical skills to mainstream gender in development

Structure and content:


The taught programme cover 7 compulsory courses and one elective course.
Core Courses
Course Code Course Title

Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
GS7101 Theoretical Perspectives in Gender and Development
GS7102 Gender and Economics of Developing Countries
GS7103 Research Methodology I
GS7204 Gender, the State and Public Policy
GS7205 Gender and Development Management
GS7206 Research Methodology II
Elective Courses
GS7207 Gender, Institutions and Social Transformation
GS7208 Gender, Law and Women's Rights
GS7209 Gendered Identities and Social Representation
GS7210 Gender, Conflict and Displacement

Language of Instruction:English
Accredited by: Uganda National Council for Higher Education (UNCHE)