How and Where to Apply?

Before submitting an application:

  • Check for eligibility by reading the call guidelines on this website
  • Choose the Target Group to which you belong and establish the available scholarships in that category
  • Choose and select the academic programme for which you wish to apply for a scholarship and ensure that you understand the Tuition Language in which the programme of your choice is instructed
  • Ensure that you have an academic background required by the academic programme you have selected
  • You can neither apply to more than one academic programme nor Hosting institution
  • Several documents are mandatory, if not uploaded or attached the form cannot be submitted or your application will not be accepted
  • In circumstances where documents are corrupted, unclear or unreadble, the application will be considered invalid and will not be evaluated
  • Only applications submitted online or by email will be accepted. Exceptions may apply based on country realities.

Submission by Email

  1. Identify the academic programme for which you want to apply for the CSAA Project Scholarship.
  2. Download the MS Word version of the application form, Word process it using a computer. No hand written applications will be accepted
  3. For TG1 applicants, obtain recommendations from your home/sending institution in your country. Please note that this applies to only TG1 applicants.
  4. Scan all the required documents including certified academic testimonials and evidence of your nationality (data page of your passport or national identity card) for electronic submission. Only documents submitted electronically will be considered.
  5. Attach all the required supporting documents (See FAQ on this website)
  6. Submit your completed application form and other requirements as attachments by email to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The deadline for receiving applications is Midnight
  7. Confirm that your application was transmitted by sending a separate email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting for acknowledgement of receipt of your application.

What do I need to Apply?

 The applicant should submit all the required documents, together with the application form in digital format. Exceptions may apply based on country realities.
  • A completed CSAA scholarship application form
  • Evidence of Nationality (applicant's passport(data page) or a National ID (issued by a national authority)
  • Letters (2) of academic reference from the home university
  • Academic Testimonials and Certificates indicating grades obtained-in previous degrees.
  • Curriculum Vitae for PhD applicants only
  • Certificate of language proficiency; where the language of instruction in the programme applied for is different from that used in your previous studies.

Attach all the above mentioned documents to the application form; as incomplete applications, unreadable or uncertified documents will lead to automatic cancellation of the application.

What is the selection process?

     Eligibility Criteria

The following process will apply in the evaluation and selection of the applicants. Eligibility check for TG1 will be conducted by the home/sending HEI while that of TG2 will be conducted by the CSAA Secretariat. The criteria for eligibility will include:

  1. Proof that the candidate is from a legible country
  2. The candidate fulfills the Target Group requirements
  3. The application deadline is respected
  4. The right application form is used
  5. All required supporting documents are provided and are legible
  6. The application is in English

Evaluation of Applications

A committee comprising of representatives of all the partner institutions will evaluate the applications. A panel of three members selected from the committee will assess and score each application independently based on the criteria outlined in the table below. Members of the panel for each candidate exclude the home/sending HEI and include a member from the host HEI.Weighting for Applications (MSc and PhD)

CriteriaMax. points for MSc/MPhil.Max. Points for PhD
Academic Merit  10  10
Quality of Motivation Statement  05  05
Language Abilities  03  05
Work Experience  02  05
Quality of Concept Note  00  10
Publications  00  05
Total Max. Points  10  10

Selection of Candidates

The results of the independent assessment will be compiled and aggregated. The final selection by the committee will be based on the aggregated scores and other cross-cutting criteria such as gender. Applicants currently in the diaspora will have an added advantage.

Communication of the Selection Results

After the final selection of the applicants by the committee, the CSAA Secretariat will communicate to all applicants (by email) regarding the outcomes of the selection process. A candidate may be selected outright, put on reserve list or rejected. The communications will also be copied to the respective home/sending and host HEIs as necessary. Only the successful candidates will be published on this website unless we receive an objection from the candidate.

What Should I expect to after getting the CSAA Scholarship?

Successful candidates will be entitled to the following:
  1. Tuition and other university charges (participation costs)
  2. A monthly subsistence allowance of EUR 600 and EUR 900 for Masters and
    PhD respectively
  3. Settling in allowance EUR 600 and EUR 900 for Masters and PhDs respectively paid once
  4. Health Insurance worth EUR 75 per month
  5. A return Air-Ticket
  6. Visa costs refund

Please note that the scholarship does not provide a separate budget for research.

What are CSAA Supported Programmes?

Host institution Country Programme Language of Instruction
Makerere University Uganda PhD Programme in Plant Breeding and Biotechnology English
MSc in Plant breeding and seed systems
MA in Gender Studies
University of Ghana Legon Ghana PhD in Plant Breeding English
Mphil in Crop Science
Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Ghana MSc in Seed Science Technology English
University of Pretoria South Africa PhD in Plant Sciences English
MSc in Forest Management and Environment
MSc in Bioinformatics
University of Free State South Africa PhD in Agriculture English
MSc in Sustainable Agriculture
University D'Abomey Calavi Benin MSc in Management of protected areas and Natural Grasslands English/French
Masters in Biometrics
Universite Cheikh Auta Diop de Dakar Senegal MSc in Pesticides and Plant Protection English/French
MSc in Plant and Microbial Technology
Mekelle University Ethiopia MSc in Climate and Society English
MSc in Dryland Agronomy
Eduardo Mondlane University Mozambique MSc in Crop Protection Portuguese/English

Who is Eligible?

Countries Eligible:

For a candidate to be eligible for Intra-ACP Academic mobility Scholarships, he/she must come from either Target 1 (Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal, South Sudan and Uganda) or Target 2 (Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Sudan, Swaziland and Togo) countries. The number of Scholarships available to candidates from the different countries is given in the table below. Please note that you cannot get a scholarship to study in your own country.

Table 1: Number of scholarships available to candidates from different countries
Target Group Country Outgoing Mobility
Target Group 1 Uganda Masters (6) Doctorates (1)
  Benin Masters (4) Doctorates (2)
  Senegal Masters (4) Doctorates (2)
  Ethiopia Masters (4) Doctorates (2)
  Ghana Masters (3) Doctorates (2)
  South Sudan Masters (4) Doctorates (2)
  DR Congo Masters (3) Doctorates (2)
  Malawi Masters (4) Doctorates (2)
  Mozambique Masters (3) Doctorates (2)
Target Group 2 Mali Masters (2) Doctorates (1)
  Nigeria Masters (2) Doctorates (0)
  Namibia Masters (2) Doctorates (1)
  Swaziland Masters (1) Doctorates (0)
  Sudan Masters (1) Doctorates (0)
  Togo Masters (1) Doctorates (0)